CIT Program

Simply put, a CIT is a Counselor-In-Training. CITs are still classified as a camper, but have some additional leadership roles, responsibilities, and privileges that are normally reserved for counselors. CITs are heading into their senior year of high school and must have previously attended Camp Micah as a camper.

A familiar CIT stereotype is one of a “gopher” mentality or doing the little things and tasks no one else likes to do. The Camp Micah CIT experience is much different.

We like to think that CITs are potential counselors looking for an opportunity to learn and develop into our future leaders. We recognize CITs have leadership skills, and abilities which help make camp a phenomenal place. have opportunities to teach and learn about activities, to plan and to implement programs, and to develop and use skills vital not only to camp, but to the world outside of camp.

CITs learn about, amongst other things:

  • How camp is run on a daily basis
  • How camp is run in terms of special events (trip day, all-camps, etc.)
  • What skill set is needed to work with kids (conflict resolution, management, etc.)
  • How to communicate with counselors and activity leaders to improve results of programming
  • How the camp’s different personalities mesh together for a common cause

Those are only some of the items you will experience at camp. You will find that the camp will blend teaching and experiential learning to give you the best possible chance to grow as a potential counselor and as a leader in and outside of camp.