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Color War & More

Posted by on July 18, 2018

The past few days at camp have been filled with excitement, competition, a much anticipated rainy day event, and a chance for us all to give back. For this week’s Tikkuna Matata project, every camper learned about Operation Gratitude, an organization that supports US troops, first responders, veterans, military families, and wounded heroes and their care givers. Each camper made a paracord bracelet to donate to this organization. Not only do these bracelets look cool, they can actually be used to save a life in an emergency situation. Parents who are here on Visiting Day will have the chance to visit our paracord bracelet making table with their camper to make their own bracelet to take home and support the cause.

After a restful Shabbat, campers returned to their regular activity schedules on Sunday  – but the anticipation of Color War was in the air! As everyone headed to their first period activities on Monday morning, swarms of CIT superheroes ran out from various hidden locations around camp to gather the Micah campers and get them to the football field to help the CITs save “Batman,” a.k.a., our esteemed director, Mark. As everyone gathered on the football field, a battle ensued and Batman was freed! Color War began and campers split into their teams. Blue and Gold elected their first session Summit captains and the competition began! After tug of war, unit activities, unit challenges (which included Water Balloon Battleship, Escape the Room, Ultimate Charades, and All-Star Basketball), an all-camp Hero Hunt, and the annual first session Scavenger Hunt, the score was tallied. The CITs announced which team is ahead in the point total at the end of first session Color War – GOLD! All the points carry over to second session when Color War breaks again and the competition continues before we declare a 2018 winner.

After Color War wrapped up on Tuesday, the skies opened up and soaked us here in Bridgton. We had to cancel afternoon activities and the campers were thrilled when it was announced that the whole camp will participate in the annual CRIBS competition. Every bunk had to decorate their space to match this year’s theme: books. The judges came around to view all the creations and the winner will be announced at first session banquet! We can’t believe that the end of first session is just days away!

Mark’s Birthday Bash

Posted by on July 13, 2018

When your camp director has his birthday, doesn’t everyone celebrate by participating in a live, action-packed game show?  This year for Mark’s birthday, Hollyrock Entertainment joined us to help make this year a memorable one!  After enjoying a “Game Show” themed dinner with some of Mark’s favorite foods followed by a rousing rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, the entire camp headed down to Uncle Milt’s for the highly anticipated evening activity…but not before the CITs tricked the campers with a fake Color War Break!

After the excitement died down and the kids realized that it wasn’t in fact the start of first session Color War, campers and counselors were split into two teams and participated in a series of mental and physical challenges ranging from trivia questions to the most intense battle of Simon Says we have ever seen!  The enthusiasm coming from both teams was so infectious that their cheers and chants could be heard for miles!

Today, Micah hosted it’s annual 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Camps came from all over the area to battle on the courts. Our 12U girls team and 15U girls team both took home a first place trophy in their divisions. The entire camp was there for the finals and cheered the teams onto victory.

Today was also our annual visit to Seeds of Peace! G14 and most of the B15ers got the chance to visit a camp that develops international leaders who come from areas of conflict. The camp fosters cultural discussion and has children of similar lines of conflict live together, work together, and discuss key issues. Our Micah campers got to socialize with them and play both soccer and basketball on their Sports Day. They each came away with some new songs and cheers and a once in a lifetime experience!

Shabbat Shalom!

Happy Birthday America…and the week that followed!

Posted by on July 11, 2018

Wow, what a fun two weeks we have enjoyed here at Camp Micah! For the first week at camp, the heat wave challenged us to get extra creative and campers were able to participate in a wide array of water themed activities in order to beat the heat. Everyone enjoyed zooming down a gigantic homemade slip and slide, running through our many sprinklers, doing water relays, and taking full advantage of our gorgeous waterfront by swimming, tubing, sailing and kayaking! We even scheduled an extra trip day at a bowling alley and a few local movie theatres so campers could enjoy some cool air conditioned space as well. Camp Micah knows how to stay cool!

The 4th of July carnival was a big success.  Campers enjoyed a giant volcano waterslide, dunk tank, mechanical bull, fun carnival games and prizes, a marriage booth and so much more! A great time was had by all!  Keeping in the spirit of this special day, we all donned our best patriotic garb for our annual hoedown themed dinner.  Everyone feasted on a deliciously MESSY meal of ribs, friend chicken, cornbread, and Brussel sprouts.  An impromptu line dance broke out which set the tone for a full camp dance party in the dining hall.  It was a festive and fun night filled with lots of laughs and smiles.

Evening activities throughout the last two weeks have included slime-making, dodgeball, flag making and creating origami bunk decorations for the Critters and Prowlers. Our Timbers and Summits have danced the night away at a neon themed dance party and their next one is tonight!

As the cooler temps set in we resumed our regularly scheduled activities and the campers were enjoying their selected schedules. The week included Inter-camp games in 13 and Under Girls Basketball, 11 and under Boys Basketball, 13 and Under Baseball, 10 and under Soccer and a successful 15 and under Hockey Tournament which resulted in a win for Camp Micah!

Shabbat has been a highlight with Rabbi Lipof’s stories and weekly lessons that the campers always look forward to and it was followed by a Tikkuna Matata project that focused on the use of single-use plastic straws and what alternatives could improve our environment. Campers then selected a National Organizational to write a letter to with their concerns and recommendations.

This evening all our campers will be returning from their trip day and excursions. The Upper summits have been away at Acadia Nation Park since Monday and our Lower summits rafting the Moxie river left Tuesday. Closer to home our Prowler and Timber Units enjoyed a day at Fun Town, Splash Town while our youngest Critters were getting wet at Aquaboggen.

What’s Ahead, we look forward to celebrating Mark’s Birthday Bash tomorrow evening!

Shabbat Shalom from Micah in Israel

Posted by on June 30, 2018

Shalom Micah!

Greetings from your friends in Israel! Our trip started off with a layover in London where we took a tour of Windsor castle and watched the changing of the guards. We even met Harry and Meghan! This just in – it was just Josh and Jonah in masks. We left London but Dougie and Morgan’s luggage did not. In Poland we toured the pre-war Jewish ghettos and later visited Auschwitz-Birkenau which was an indescribable experience that ultimately brought us closer as a group. After a very emotional day, we all decided to lighten the mood and assign a spirit animal to each person. At the salt mines, Liv and Gefen decided to lick every wall and even a salt statue that we later found out was worth a small village.

On our flight to Israel, Heather and Toma surprised us with a Color War-style clue hunt that ended in us welcoming in our last-minute addition to the group: Matt Drooker! With a new group member and a new appreciation for Jewish life, we celebrated our first Shabbat in our Jerusalem hotel as we chanted the same prayers that you all are singing right now. We hope you all are enjoying your time at camp as much as we are in the holy land. As our tour guide said, “one person’s choices can always make a difference.” We challenge you all to carry this advice into your first week of camp as you embody the Jewish spirit and Micah philosophy.

See you all in 5 weeks!


Sophie “unicorn” Shnayderman, Emmy “beta fish” Adler, Sarah “Dory (the fish)” Schwartz, Liv “parrot” Syat & Gefen “deer” Finn

Back to Our Happy Place

Posted by on June 28, 2018

It’s been a whirlwind of nonstop action here at Micah since the moment campers hopped off the buses and began to settle into their home away from home. Witnessing the excitement of campers being reunited with old friends, as well as watching how welcoming everyone has been towards new campers being introduced, has been heartwarming.

In keeping with Micah’s first night tradition, we enjoyed pizza and warm chocolate chip cookies for our first meal in the Dining Hall, followed by introductions at Uncle Milt’s Outdoor Stage. Our Unit Leaders and Team Leaders introduced themselves by singing silly songs and chanting motivating cheers.  It really set the tone for an evening filled with laughter and fun.

Campers got to bond a little more back in their bunks before drifting off to sleep after such a busy day. The head counselors, Shari and Josh (aka “Seidy”), made each made their way around to the bunks to say goodnight and fill jars with the spare change that our campers and staff brought with them to camp to support the World of Change organization.

We all woke up this morning ready for a day filled with activities and fun! Campers traveled around with their bunks to get the lay of the land, participate in various activities, and take care of some camp housekeeping (like health checks, schedule changes, and auditioning for this year’s play – Hercules!).

Evening activity tonight was Area Night. Campers were introduced to their “camp sisters” or “spazaweewees”/camp brothers and spent the night participating in ridiculous (and messy) games together. Everyone is tucked in for the night and looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

Goodnight Bridgton and Sebago!