Camp Northbound

In 2006, Camp Micah began a collaboration with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester. We call it Camp Northbound. Northbound is an annual, week-long camp experience held right after the Micah season ends. 160 campers and 75 staff members come together in Bridgton, Maine each summer to grow, learn about themselves and others, and have a great time. Campers for Northbound are chosen by The Club for their positive participation there, as well as in school. These campers usually return year after year, making the camp community consistent and the Northbound camp spirit strong. The camp is run by a combined staff of Micah counselors and Club staff who work together to make Camp Northbound an exciting, meaningful, and memorable experience for everyone.

Camp Northbound is important to Camp Micah, as it allows us to share the camp experience and all that it has to offer with those who would not otherwise be able to have one. We believe that all children should experience a community where everyone is accepted for who they are.

Camp Northbound tuition is just about free for every camper, thanks to the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and many Camp Micah donors. If you would like to help fund a camper for Northbound, please call the Camp Micah office for more information.

Northbound Slideshow 2006 from Camp Micah 04009 on Vimeo.

Northbound Slideshow 2015 from Camp Micah 04009 on Vimeo.

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