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Ready, Set, (almost) Go!

Posted by on June 22, 2018

Heather and Toma have been hard at work preparing for this summer’s amazing adventure to Poland and Israel. They can’t wait to meet the Micah in Israel campers at Logan airport this weekend. This just in: they will be posting updates throughout the summer so stay tuned.

Safe travels!

The Micah Update – Fall 2017 Newsletter

Posted by on October 16, 2017

Fall is upon us and we’re excited to share all the latest news with our campers, parents, staff, and alumni! Click the link below to view our latest newsletter. If you have something you’d like to share with everyone, email so it can be included in the next one!

Camp Micah Fall Newsletter 2017

The Final Countdown

Posted by on August 15, 2017


Color War

As you all know, Color War broke on Wednesday last week. In a completely unprecedented Color War that started out of camp and paused for Shabbat, the Blue team won “The Battle for the Banner.” New activities were created for the Star Wars theme, such as “Maze the Force be with you,” a game for our Prowlers which included a string-maze and glow sticks. Also, some creativity was needed for a break for our final Shabbt, so we created a Peace Treaty that was signed by the Blue, Gold, and Maroon captains and coaches. As always, Color War is a very exciting time for our campers, and the Marathon and SING did not disappoint. Both Blue and Gold put on a wonderful show for the committee and the counselors (the Maroon team). After SING was over and Color War’s victor was announced, everyone gathered back together in the dining hall for Chipwiches (and even fancy, homemade, gluten free Chipwiches). After all, when you win Color War, you deserve a Chipwich, and if you lose Color War, there’s no better way to be consoled than with a Chipwich.

Second Session Play

Our second session play was a collection of scenes from television, performed by our talented campers and directed by our masterful staff. G14 and B15 even made special appearances! We loved every minute, because it felt like we were all binge-watching Netflix!

Messy Monday

Today, G14 broke “Messy Monday” at lunch. All of our campers went down to our football field at the end of the day to play with paint/shaving cream/silly string/water beads/fake snow/bubbles, get messy, and have some good old-fashioned fun. Take our word for it (or look at the pictures), we put the “messy” in Messy Monday.

Camp Wrap-Up

This week, camp is coming to a close. We have a lot to do to prepare, such as running the Aqua Zip Line, writing bus notes to our friends and counselors, and getting ready for the final Banquet. Stay tuned for pictures and a recap in the coming days!

The Force is Strong at Camp Micah!

Posted by on August 10, 2017

Picture this: Critters, Prowlers, Timbers, Summits, CITs, and staff all load onto a caravan of buses ready to embark on our last Trip Day of the season.  The entire camp was under the impression that they were heading to a local movie theater to enjoy some current films and delicious movie snacks.  While all of this was true, what they didn’t expect was that when the movies came to a finish, a big secret reveal was in store for them.  Just as the lights were about to go back on in the theaters, a mysterious film reel popped back up on the big screen.  Campers quickly realized what was happening and were standing with their mouths hung wide open as a video recording of Mark, cloaked in a Darth Sidious robe, told everyone to be silent and sit back down. A Star Wars style introduction followed as the start of Color War 2017 was announced. Campers and staff listened carefully as instructions were given on how to return to camp. Everyone silently loaded the buses and headed back to Micah for the reveal of this year’s Color War Committee and Coaches.

Today was filled with wonderful competition and sportsmanship. After our annual tug-o-war to kick off Color War, units split up to compete in athletic endeavors. Several artists began work on the Bench Picassos and Team Plaques and lots of strategizing could be seen as teams prepared for upcoming events. After dinner, units participated in challenges including Critter Minute to Win It, Prowler Spelling Bee, Timber Ultimate Charades, and a Summit All-Star Basketball Game. All the campers put forth their best effort and we’re certain they’ll sleep well tonight, under the glow of the blue and gold lightsabers (formerly our flagpoles) on the front lawn here at camp!

Color War will continue until Saturday night, with a Shabbat Peace Treaty to break things up a bit in the middle. Please note a change in the mealtime schedule, if parents are planning to call their campers:


8:30am Breakfast

12:30 Lunch

6:15 Dinner



9am Breakfast

1pm Lunch

6pm – Shabbat Dinner (no phone calls)



9am Shabbat Buffet Breakfast (no phone calls)

1pm Lunch

6pm Cookout (no phone calls)


Sunday – resume regular meal and phone call schedule


Welcome Home, Micah in Israel!

Posted by on August 4, 2017

The entire camp is still talking about how much fun they had on yesterday’s trip day.  The Critters, Prowlers, and Lower Timbers enjoyed a break from the heat by cooling off at a local water park. Campers and staff enjoyed fun water rides and cool dips in the pool.  The Upper Timbers returned from their overnight canoe trip along the Saco River and the Summits burned off some energy at a trampoline park where they reached new heights and savored some air conditioning.

Today was an exciting morning at Micah! After breakfast, we welcomed home our Micah in Israel campers after five and a half wonderful weeks traveling abroad in Poland and Israel. There were so many hugs and smiles shared as our jetsetters filed off of the bus as they reunited with siblings, friends, and staff. We cannot wait to hear more about their adventures in the days to come!

Tonight, the Girls’ Area enjoyed time (and s’mores) with their Camp Sisters while the Boys’ Area had bunk night. Everyone is sleeping with one eye open tonight as they’re all calculating the possibilities of when Color War will finally break this session!