Parent Testimonials

“Adam has been home for two days and he hasn’t stopped talking about camp. Since he’s been home, Adam has been singing his heart out…silly songs, popular songs (some with rewritten lyrics), color war chants and Jewish tunes and they are all equally cool to him. He talks about the fun he had at Shabbat services and how “spiritual” ledge was. It’s just great how Camp Micah allows ten-year-old boys to enjoy their immaturity and also experience such enormous social and emotional growth. Somehow, you’ve struck a perfect balance!”
-Laura (Micah Mother)

“I believe a parent’s primary concern/responsibility for their child is safety. The Camp Micah administration embraces this philosophy as if each camper were their own child. Their continual commitment to providing a safe/secure environment is reflected throughout all aspects of the camp.”
-Ilene (Micah Mother of 2 campers)

“Camp is making our sons better people, it is helping them to be the best people they can possibly be. They now believe that they can make a difference!”
– Adam (Micah Dad of 2 campers)

“For five years in a row, Camp Micah has been a place where our daughter has had fun, made friends and created positive memories that will last a lifetime. Our family loves Camp Micah. The staff at camp is involved, caring and really tuned into the needs of the campers.”
– Alice (Micah Mom)

“The constant hugging and display of emotion and friendship was beautiful and heartfelt. I even noticed the understated dress code this year – these kids were dressed like campers! It seemed to me that the kids at Micah are getting the message (at least while at camp) that how you dress is less important than who you are. I credit the positive atmosphere and my children’s love and passion for Camp Micah to the wonderful people who surround them, their friends and staff.”
– Tania (Micah Mom of 4 campers)

“One of the things that impressed me most about Camp Micah was that my son improved in several sports. He came home and I could not believe the level of instruction he received. Even his tennis coach said something.”
– Michelle (parent of 10 year old and 13 year old)

“Our son came all the way from Israel to spend a month at Camp Micah. After hearing him describe the camp, we would like to attend as well!”
– Yoram (Micah Dad)

Camper Testimonials

“It’s my favorite place in the world and I think it always will be!”
– Sam, 10th Grade

“I like that I can just be myself!”
– Ben, 7th grade

“I’ve been to a few camps but this one was just so much more welcoming and really feels like my home away from home.”
– Rachel, 5th grade

“The people is what Micah is all about. My bunkmates became my best friends and the counselors were always there for us. You could always try new things everyday and I challenged myself in ways I never thought I could… I did what I never would have in school, I performed on stage in front of hundreds of people!”
– Dina, 9th grade

“What I like most about camp is that it’s like a big family that welcomes me in. Counselors and campers make it a great place to be!”
– Chase, 8th grade

“Easily, the best three summers of my life! I hope to be back as a CIT and counselor in the future.”
– Michael, 10th grade

“The food was awesome and I love all the choices and salad bars!”
– Jordan, 7th grade

“I loved the hiking program…I went on almost every one I could!”
– Emily, 5th grade

“Playing against other camps is my favorite thing to do. We play to win but we also have a great time!”
– Gabe, 8th grade

“I never thought I’d say this but I love Shabbat at camp!”
– Josh, 6th grade