Mealtime at Micah

It’s pretty simple…our campers and staff love our food! Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy our meals because of the variety we offer.

In addition to the main meal, breakfast includes cold cereal, and a fresh fruit bar with bagels, granola, and yogurt.  At lunches and dinners, the alternatives to the meal include: salad bars, sandwich bars, vegetarian options, peanut butter & jelly, pasta bar, fresh fruit, and Camp Micah’s very own homemade soup! Our chefs and kitchen staff take great pride in making sure that our “amazing food” is just that, summer after summer!

Please note: Camp Micah is not a kosher camp, however, we do not serve pork or shellfish. While our kitchen is nut-free, we do offer individual peanut butter packets in the dining hall for those that want them. We are happy to accommodate most allergies and dietary restrictions.