Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where is camp located?
A- Camp Micah is located in the towns of Bridgton & Sebago, Maine. Micah is a short 2 hours and 30 minutes from Boston. The camp is perched high above 735 acre, secluded Peabody Pond. We are only 45 minutes from Portland, and have the advantage of being in the heart of the Lakes Region and 35 minutes from New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Q- When does camp operate?
A- Camp Micah has four options for campers to attend. The full season is seven and a half weeks. First and second session are each three and a half weeks and we offer a 2-week Taste of Micah.

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Q- How big is our camp?
A- Camp Micah has approximately 270 campers and CIT’s each session, ages 7-17.

Q- How many staff members are there in a bunk?
A- Each bunk will have 2-3 counselors and 8-9 campers living in it.

Q- What are the bunks like?
A- All our bunks are equipped with electricity and bathrooms complete with 2 toilets, 2 showers, and 2 sinks. Also, our mattresses do not compare to other camp mattresses, they are Simmons mattresses made exclusively for Camp Micah!

Q- How do I keep in touch with my child while at camp?
A- Families are encouraged to send their campers letters, E-Mails, and faxes as well as one phone call per week.

Q- Is Camp Micah considered a competitive camp?
A- Camp Micah competes athletically with local camps in both tournaments and individual games. Although we play to win, Camp Micah’s goal is to compete at a strong level while showing the best in sportsmanship and teamwork. All those who choose to be a part of Camp Micah’s teams are able to compete on the same team as we do not divide campers by skill level, but by age. All campers are valued for their talents and the uniqueness that each adds to the camp community. It is expected that whatever success a person has athletically, it is just as important to be a ‘mensch’ or positive member of the camp community.

Q- Micah is a Jewish camp; what does that mean?
A- Judaism is woven into the fabric of Micah life as we appreciate the importance of connecting our campers to their rich Jewish heritage while understanding our collective responsibility to make the world a better place. Our truly unique and spirited Friday Night Services coupled with our exciting, creative and educational Shabbat programs make being Jewish fun! Jewish knowledge is learned in school and at home, Jewish connection through community and spirit is strengthened at Micah.

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Q- What is the food like?
A- There is always something healthy and delicious to eat! Our meals are top quality, plentiful, and served family style to each bunk. Lunch and dinner have full salad bars and alternate food choices including peanut butter and jelly, a pasta bar and a vegetarian choice at most meals.

Camp Micah is not a kosher camp, although pork and shellfish are not served. The dining hall is always open… campers are able to stop by for a piece of fruit or quick snack as they go from activity to activity.

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Q- How does the scheduling system work?
A- Our schedule offers campers the opportunity to choose their activities within a structured format. Although each camper has a certain amount of choice, the scheduling system is designed to require a well-rounded day filled with water activities, sports, the arts and more. Campers are able to choose the activities on-line that they would like on their schedule before camp begins. They then have opportunities to modify their personalized schedules as the summer progresses.

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Q- What do the campers wear?
A- At Micah, we value who we are as opposed to what we are wearing. Jewelry, makeup and expensive clothes are discouraged and not necessary. All information needed to prepare for the summer, including the Amerasport clothing catalog, will be sent to new families in January of each year. Although the catalog has much that you may want to purchase for camp, each camper must purchase a small list of required items such as t-shirts and a sweatshirt used for inter-camp activities, trip days, camp pictures and Color War. A collared Micah shirt must be purchased for Shabbat dinner and services. Other than these special occasions, campers are free to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable throughout the day.

Q- What is the weather like?
A- There is no more beautiful climate than Maine in the summer. Although it varies from summer to summer, the days are warm with a nice breeze off the lake and the nights are cool, perfect for sleeping.

Q- What about the bugs?
A- Concerns regarding ticks and other bugs are on the rise in our country. At Camp Micah, we take a proactive approach by partnering with Ivy Oaks Analytics, a public health company based out of Virginia that specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. Although this has never been a major issue at our camp, we feel strongly that we have an obligation to our camp community to do everything in our power to reduce the risks. Their process includes a natural tick control spray around the entire camp perimeter as well as other specific areas, landscape modification, as well as ongoing tick population measurements, and more. The exterior of every building is sprayed to curb the wasp, ant, and mosquito population. Staff are trained to ensure that all campers are performing regular tick checks, with an awareness of the risks and importance of taking tick checks seriously. Each bunk shower contains an instruction card to remind everyone to check for ticks. Campers and staff are encouraged to apply bug spray throughout the day.

Q- Can I visit camp while my child is there?
A- Yes and no…all first session and full season campers’ families have a Visiting Day on Sunday at the end of first session. Second session is a shorter session which does not leave time for a Visiting Day. encourage all first-time campers’ families to come up and visit camp between June 1st to the June 15th so that they may be more comfortable with their first Micah experience.

Q- What if my child gets sick?
A- Camp Micah has a full health center staffed by 3 full time nurses and 2 assistant nurses throughout the summer. Micah also has a doctor on site and Bridgton Hospital is a short 10 minute drive from camp, right outside of Bridgton Center.