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Home Sweet (Summer) Home

Posted by on June 29, 2017

It’s been a whirlwind of nonstop action here at Micah since the moment campers hopped off the buses and began to settle into their cabins.  Not even an impromptu rain shower could dampen the mood of being reunited with old friends or thwart the excitement of meeting new ones for the very first time. In keeping with Micah’s first night tradition, our Unit Leaders and Team Leaders introduced themselves by singing silly songs and chanting motivating cheers.  The Upper Summits, the 10th grade camp leaders in B15 and G14, helped us to wind down the evening by leading us in “The Micah Song” before everyone headed back to their bunks for the rest of the night. They got to bond a little more before heading to bed. The head counselors made their ways around to the bunks to say goodnight and fill jars with the spare change that our campers and staff brought with them to camp to support the World of Change organization.

Today, during our first full day of camp, campers traveled around to a wide array of activities by bunk as they got to know the lay of the land. The Ninja Warrior Course remains a big hit and everyone stayed busy passing pucks at Street Hockey, kicking passes at soccer, shooting hoops at basketball, painting bunk plaques at art, and engaging in fun improv games at Uncle Milt’s Performing Arts Center.  Let’s not forget about play auditions today…they  went “Purrr-fectly.” Campers erupted in cheers in the Dining Hall when it  was announced that our first session play would be: Seussical the Musical!

With the start of individual schedules beginning this Friday, camp is abuzz with excitement and everyone is looking forward to an amazing summer ahead filled with new friendships, new adventures, and, of course , lots of fun in the sun!

Sweet Dreams from Bridgton and Sebago!

Micah in Israel- First Days!

Posted by on June 27, 2017

Hello from Krakow, Poland! After a long day in airports and airplanes, we finally arrived. Immediately we were met by our lovely tour guides, Yael and Morgy (Poland only). We were eased in with a lunch of pizza and french fries, we felt right at home! After getting some rest in our hotel (which is very nice!), we ventured in to Krakow for the first time. We saw beautiful castles, old buildings, and even a fire breathing dragon…statue. After a calming “get to know you” session in a park by the river, we headed toward the festive market square of Krakow. The group got to try traditional polish food, and even enjoyed live music in the square. What an excellent way to kick off the trip!

On Tuesday we had an early start and headed out for a full day of history and excitement. Our first stop was the Jewish neighborhood of Krakow. We began at the site of the oldest synagogue in Krakow, where we sang a Micah style Happy Birthday to David Korn! We continued along to many other synagogues and a jewish cemetery. This area was so rich in history, there was something to talk about at every turn. We really began to understand what it was like to be a Jewish person living in these neighborhoods in the early 1900’s. We then transitioned to learning about later in history, venturing to the walls of the ghetto.

Switching gears, we traveled to a salt mine for a fun tour. We went 135 meters underground and learned about one of the largest salt mines in the world. There are frequent sculptures carved by the miners themselves. After the salt mine we had what we think will be one of the most meaningful moments of the trip. We got to hear from a 93 year polish woman who is honored as “righteous among the nation”, meaning that her family saved jewish people during the holocaust. The group sat in awe as she described what it was like for her as a seventeen to be helping jews, living in fear every day. After this inspiring talk, we headed back into Krakow for more traditional food! We are back in the hotel for much needed rest, as we head off to Auschwitz and Warsaw tomorrow.


We were so happy to be out of the air

For dinner, we got to explore the old town square

Waffles, gelato, and pierogies galore

I can definitely say we left wanting more

The next day we saw many places

From synagogues to salt mines, there were many spaces

If you’re waiting for pictures, don’t worry yet

We’ve got plenty coming soon, don’t you fret!



Sarah and Mike

Micah In Israel: Hello from Maine!

Posted by on June 20, 2017

Hey Everyone! Sarah and Mike here live from the dining hall! We’re so thrilled for Micah In Israel to start in a few short days. For the past few days we’ve been at camp preparing for the trip. Although we’ll be sad to leave Bridgton and Sebago, we are getting increasingly excited to begin this once in a lifetime experience. As we go through planning logistics and training, we are getting an in depth look at how outstanding of a trip we have the opportunity to take part in. Throughout the summer we will continue to write blog posts and updates, so stay tuned!

Now, a short poem:

In just a few days we’ll get on a plane

No longer will we be in Maine

From Boston to London we’ll take a flight

Then to Poland, it’ll be a long night

For a few days, we’ll learn about history

Our best moments of the trip are still a mystery

We’re so excited, we just can’t wait

We’ll see you Sunday, don’t be late!

(Poem to be continued)



Mike Safran and Sarah Gallimore