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Tie-Dye Thursday

Posted by on July 29, 2016

This morning at flag, before enjoying the yummy egg sandwiches for breakfast, it was easy to decipher what day of the week it was based on everyone’s attire…HAPPY TIE-DYE THURSDAY, Camp Micah!

Campers spent today engrossed in activities.  They are eager to continue their progress on ongoing projects before second session comes to a close in just a few short weeks.  In metalsmithing, campers were putting the final finishing touches on gorgeous rings they have created out of copper and semi-precious stones.  In woodworking, a few ambitious Lower Summit girls are working on completing an Adirondack chair for their cabin next summer.  Eventually this chair will be signed by all the 2017 G14 girls and left as a gift to all future G14ers who will get to enjoy it in the years to come!

In other news, our Upper Timbers returned from their canoe trip along the Saco River late this afternoon.  Our rising 8th graders spent yesterday swimming and bonding with their grade and today they paddled 3 miles in canoes along the scenic Saco River.  It was great to have them back tonight for dinner and hear them telling other campers all about their recent adventures!


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Trip Day Fun

Posted by on July 28, 2016

After a late wake up, the camp gathered in the Dining Hall for a delicious waffle breakfast! Afterwards, units loaded their buses and vans and headed out for their adventures. The Critters put on their game faces as they competed in mini golf and then visited the Maine Wildlife Park. The Prowlers and Lower Timbers stayed cool on this hot day at Splashtown and Aquaboggan. Our Upper Timbers departed on their annual overnight canoe trip. The Summits cheered on the home team at the Portland Sea Dogs game and then spent the afternoon in the Old Port.

Tonight, our Lower Timbers and Summits danced the night away while the Critter Boys and Prowlers participate in unit activities and the Critter Girls got their turn to sleep at our campsite here on Micah’s grounds.

Intercamps, Hiking, and Spoon Game…Oh My!

Posted by on July 27, 2016

It was an incredibly busy day here at Micah! We woke up to gorgeous weather and everyone was ready to start another fantastic day. Amidst all of our regularly scheduled activities, groups of campers traveled to neighboring camps for 12U boys soccer, 13U girls basketball, and 15U girls tennis. If that wasn’t enough, we also welcomed a 15U boys soccer team to Micah to host an intercamp of our own. We tallied up a lot more wins for Micah today as our victories continued! Tonight, after dinner, B15 and G14 traveled to Bridgton Sports Camp for our annual night basketball game. It’s always such fun to have the Micah cheering section echoing throughout their gym for this special evening activity. For the first time in four years, Micah brought home a huge win!! Go blue and gold!

Today we welcomed back a group of passionate hikers from a three day trip to Mt. Katahdin – Baxter State Park, the highest mountain in the state of Maine. These 6 campers had an amazing experience and we’re so proud of them for reaching the summit of such a difficult climb!

Second session brought with it the start of The Spoon Game here at Micah. This silly game has been going on for about five days now and we’re down to our final 20 competitors! We’ll be declaring winners soon!


IMG_3474 IMG_3475


Jam Packed Monday

Posted by on July 26, 2016

The absolute highlight of today was the 3-on-3 basketball tournament that Micah hosted. Several camps from around the area descended upon us early in the morning to take part in this exciting annual event. The morning was filled with cheering, music, and fun as we rooted for our home teams. Micah was victorious in both the 15U Boys and 15U Girls events! We’re seriously running out of room on the mantel above the fireplace in the Dining Hall with all of these trophies!

After a busy afternoon of activities, the entire camp gathered in Uncle Milt’s Performing Arts Center for the second session Talent Show! We were dazzled and amazed by the campers and staff who performed tonight. The photos from tonight’s performances will be posted tomorrow but below is a sneak peek!

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A Sunny Sunday

Posted by on July 25, 2016

Today, campers experienced their first “A” day on their schedules for Second Session.  Walking around camp, you could hear friends cheering each other on as they braved the Warped Wall, the swish of basketballs falling through the net as campers practiced shooting, and squeals of laughter as campers jumped off the trampoline into our scenic waterfront.  As we took a break from activities for lunch, we were reminded during announcements that we would be enjoying a Toys and Games Theme Dinner later that night.  During rest hour, campers cleverly thought up and constructed costumes to don at the big bash.  A whole bunk of dominoes and a bunk dressed as all the Monopoly pieces showed up to flag lowering ready to get the party started.  Looking out into the crowd of smiling faces as we sang Oseh Shalom, you could catch glimpses of beanie babies, all four Ninja Turtles, Mr. Potato Head, some Legos, My Little Pony, and all the G14 counselors dressed as a tic tac toe board.  Campers were excited to file into the dining hall and see placemats filled with silly games alongside cups of crayons out on the tables to work on throughout the meal.  Everyone had a great time at this theme dinner!  During evening activities, some campers created skits using “Story Sticks” while others were invested in making dream catchers using found objects in nature.  It was yet another jam packed day filled with fun here at Micah and we look forward to waking up and getting to do it all over again tomorrow!


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