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Another Day, Another Memory Made

Posted by on July 7, 2015

Today, we hosted two intercamp competitions in soccer and basketball…Micah was victorious in both games! GO TEAM!  More importantly, we showed great communication skills, solid teamwork, and unwavering determination. Those who did not choose to participate in the intercamp games enjoyed another jam packed day of activities. There was sailing on the serene waterfront, practicing layups at the basketball courts, shooting arrows at archery in the hopes of getting a coveted bullseye, and so much more under the bright sunshine.

There has been quite a buzz about arts and crafts this week at camp.  Campers that are part of the Fiber Arts Program have just finished creating batik bandanas (a special dyeing technique using wax).  This same group has begun to do some wool dying for some upcoming projects and are looking forward to visiting a wool farm to further study the sheering process. The best part of their upcoming trip is that they will get to be up close and personal with some adorable alpacas.  Campers taking ceramics and pottery classes are currently creating a “magic village” that will be strategically placed on the path down to the waterfront to generate a bit of whimsy on those scenic walks.

All in all we had a fun-filled, productive day and are looking forward to new learning opportunities and experiences again tomorrow. In the morning, we’ll bid farewell to our Lower Summits as they embark on their annual overnight trip. With the Upper Summits also out of camp on their own adventure, it’s feeling a little quiet around here!

Happy 4th and Happy Campers!

Posted by on July 6, 2015

We are still reeling from the excitement of yesterday’s 4th of July Carnival here at Micah.  Everyone had a blast zipping down the waterslides, bouncing in the inflatable boxing ring, and racing their friends on the bungee course.  Campers also enjoyed making edible American flags, getting patriotic manicures, having fortunes told by “Micah-The-Magnificent,” and doing many red, white, and blue themed crafts.  It was amazing to watch every age group celebrate side by side in such a fun and carefree way during this festive celebration.

Today was another busy day at Camp Micah with many more opportunities for fun in the sun.  A beautiful hike to Mt. Chocorua (in the White Mountains of New Hampshire) was offered where campers got some great exercise alongside beautiful scenic views.

In the evening, campers enjoyed a wonderful TALENT SHOW filled with singing, dancing, instrumental performances, interpretive dances, and everything in between.  The applause for each performance was heartwarming to hear.  What a supportive group of campers!

We are all looking forward to another fun-filled day of activities tomorrow!

1st week in Israel

Posted by on July 4, 2015

Hi friends,

Our first week in Israel was amazing! We toured the Old City of Jerusalem, traveled south to Eilat, became one with the desert, and recently arrived in Tel Aviv!
We spent last Saturday relaxing in our beautiful hotel playing card games, splashing in the pool, and enjoying the water slide together. On Sunday we adventured through the underground water tunnels of the City of David. We sang songs and enjoyed each others’ company. And guess what?! That night at the Western Wall, we saw Mariah Carey! We then toured the Jewish and Christian Quarters of the old city.
Tuesday we woke up bright and early for a short hike, then traveled to the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea. If you ever wanna see 16 year old boys scream in pain like little girls, go on the Micah in Israel trip. Over the next day we went to an eco friendly kibbutz, snorkeled in the Red Sea (where we could see Jordan), went to a museum honoring astronaut Ilan Ramon, and drove to the Negev Desert, our home for the past three days.
Rather describing it, the only thing we can tell you is to live for now. In the desert, as we were surrounded by miles and miles of endless cliffs and sand, time simply did not exist. Mountain climbing, peeing in the sand, and hours of heat brought out the best and worst of everyone. We worked together and somehow survived!
Sent with love,
Bayley Tuch, Shmuel (aka Sam Marram), the entire Micah in Israel trip 2015, and Mariah Carey.
P.S. Mom, Dad, and Lexi, I miss and love you guys so much (from Bay).
I love Brent Huot (from Sam)

Shabbat Shalom, Camp Micah!

Posted by on July 4, 2015

It was a glorious day here in Bridgton, Maine.   The squeals of delight could be heard all around Micah as campers took full advantage of every outdoor activity offered in this perfect weather.  Micah was host today to an intercamp soccer tournament and kickball game. The 15 and under boys’ hockey team traveled to Wigwam for a great game as well.  We were so impressed by the sportsmanship and teamwork shown by both our players and supporters at all of these events. GO MICAH!

Our beloved Rabbi Lipof led her first Shabbat service since arriving at camp this past Wednesday. The campers and staff were delighted to have her back in our midst.  Tonight, Rabbi Lipof told the camp a beautiful story about persevering through difficult times and always finding a way to make it work. Each camper left the chapel tonight with their own small reminder of the story – a tiny door. Be sure to ask your camper about it!

The entire camp is gearing up for a festive Fourth of July celebration tomorrow afternoon which includes carnival games, water slides, and a dunk tank!

Take a Bow

Posted by on July 2, 2015

For those of you who haven’t been checking the radar, it was another wet day here in Bridgton, Maine…but that didn’t stop us from lighting up the stage! This morning, units took part in a variety of exciting activities including Paperpalooza (think: airplanes, fortune tellers, and origami balloons), spaghetti bridge building, Prowler Shark Tank, and a new favorite that’s quickly climbing the charts here at Micah, Spikeball!

The most highly anticipated rainy day event of the day was our annual Lip Sync Battle. Each bunk prepared a song and choreography to perform on stage in front of the entire camp. Each bunk put their all into the performance and everyone’s cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Steve Monge and the CITs teased us all with a Color War Fake Break to end the show. We’re all looking forward to the REAL break coming soon.

Tonight was our first theme dinner! Chef Will treated us all to ribs, fried chicken, corn on the cob, and cornbread. Campers and staff came dressed in their best Hoe Down attire. The mess was well worth it! After dinner, our younger campers participated in bunk night and unit night and our Timber and Summit campers had their first dance of the summer. Everyone is looking forward to a beautiful day tomorrow!