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A great day at Micah

Posted by on July 30, 2014

It has been an eventful few days here at Camp Micah.  The week started off a little wet but in true Micah fashion, we made the best of it.  After a relatively normal morning of activities yesterday, we cancelled the afternoon to do a lip sync competition.  There were four divisions: Critter/Prowler Boys, Critter/Prowler Girls, Timber/Summit Boys and Timber/Summit Girls.  The goal was for each cabin or groups of cabins to pick one song, choreograph a dance routine, and then perform it for the rest of the Camp in Uncle Milts.  There were some outrageous (in a good way) performances that had the whole camp laughing, applauding, and singing along!  Perhaps, the highlight of the afternoon was the fake color war break during the middle.  Speaking of Color War, it just broke…FAKE!

Today we had several intercamps: A U 15 girls softball at Mataponi and a U 14 girls soccer here vs. Nashoba North.  Both teams had a blast and competed really hard.  I am happy to say that our soccer team did win!

Tomorrow is trip day and you can tell by the excitement at dinner how excited everyone is.  The weather was perfect today and is expected to be great the rest of the week – hopefully for our swim meet on Friday!

Summits back at it again

Posted by on July 25, 2014

As has become a bit of a custom, I have two upper Summits who are helping to write the blog tonight.  Below is a recap of their day in their own words

Today was the ever anticipated first day of schedules for second session.  Some of the highlights today included: First period Edge Fitness where we were put through the grind by Kristyn.  She made us do a continuous circuit that went on for twenty minutes…who knew we could sweat so much.  Another favorite today was Improv where we learned and discussed important key rules that make improve possible. Finally, edge photo, skateboarding and street hockey round out our list of memorable memories for the day.

Tonight we had our first every Summit beach BBQ party at the waterfront.  The menu consisted of burgers, dogs, cole slaw and chips.  We were able to enjoy a leisurely dinner on the shores of Peabody pond.  We were also able to swim, play games, and just hang out with our bunks.  Today (like every other day here) was a great mix of activity and bonding.  In short, it was just another amazing day in another amazing summer!

Bayley and Nicole

Wacky Weather

Posted by on July 24, 2014

Today was a hot one and I have never seen an entire camp as excited for rain as this one was.  This morning started of very muggy and by flag raising the temperature was pushing the mid 80’s.  After breakfast and cabin clean-up the campers went around by bunk.

In the afternoon we scaled activities back a bit and opened the pool and set up our sprinklers so campers could cool off.  They had so much fun running through the water and splashing in the puddles.

Tonight as we gathered for flag we could see the clouds building and just as the campers were back in their cabins, the sky opened and the rain fell.  Needless to say, the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees.  Tonight the Critters are having a bunk night, the Prowlers are having a Casino night, and the Timbers and Summits are having their weekly dance.

Wrapping up our 2014 Israel Adventure!

Posted by on July 23, 2014

It has definitely been a hectic last couple of days, filled with a lot of packing, long days of travel, and a whirlwind of emotions.  We started out the week on Sunday by visiting a goat farm, where we made our own cheese followed by a very tasty lunch.  We also had some daring individuals that stepped up to try some goat milk directly from an utter, and it was humorous to say the least.  Later that day we went on another hike, but this was not just any ordinary hike, for the majority of it was through water that came up past most of our shoulders, and included the occasional concrete drain that we were able to use as a slide.

The following day we traveled to The Valley of Kibbutzim, where we saw how all of the first Jewish settlers established their land while still under British Mandate, and also participated in a team building exercise that consisted of a variety of different games in the water!  We closed out the evening by going to a sound and light show at the old roman ruins in the city of Bet Shean, where the kids learned about the fate of our trip, and that the end of very near.  There was a variety of different emotions, and as a whole spirits were very low as the reality of everything was finally setting in, but it was nice to see the group really coming together as a family in one of our more difficult times.

Moving on through the week we went on a tour of a bee farm and got to play with a handful of different animals, followed by riding the most sought after animal of all, the camel! The pictures that were taken of the kids speak volumes about how much they truly enjoyed themselves.

This morning we woke up while it was still dark out to hike up Masada in order to see the beautiful sunrise over the Dead Sea and tour around a bit.  We then let everyone catch up on some sleep, where we then had our Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program.  Although it was very last minute, all of the kids really stepped up and shared beautiful thoughts and experiences not only about the trip, but also about life as a whole and what it means growing up being Jewish.  The evening came to a close with a short but very successful meeting with four IDF soldiers who are on reserve duty in the area during this time of need, and I think they were able to shed a lot of light on what life is like for Israelis.

Spirits are definitely back up, and we intend for them to stay that way until flights can finally be squared away.  Be on the lookout for pictures!!!

Michelle and the rest of MII ’14

Visiting Day and the start of second session

Posted by on July 22, 2014

What an exciting few days it has been at Camp Micah!  Yesterday (Sunday), we welcomed parents and relatives of our first and full session campers for our Visiting Day.  Some of the highlights included a presentation of our first session play, Frozen, an amazing lunch, and the chance for parents to feel like a kid again by participating in a slew of activities (I’m sure there are a few sore bodies out there today).  It is always so fun to see the reaction on the faces of the campers and their parents as they hug for the first time in four weeks.  Oh, and parents, you kids were up all night from all of the candy and food that was brought in – Just kidding, I think they made it to bed by 4am.

Today started off with a late wake-up followed by our Micah Book of Records.  The book of records is a unique tradition that only occurs on Changeover day and is only for full session campers.  On this day campers are able to break or set new records.  It is hilarious to see  some of the ideas our campers come up with – proving once again how creative they are!

This afternoon we gathered to welcome our second session campers to Micah!  It was such a rush to see all of the smiles as they ran from the busses into the arms of friends (whether old or brand new).  Tonight we had our annual dinner of Pizza and cookies followed by the welcoming ceremony.  Currently they are having bunk meetings where they go over the rules and do some get to know you games.

It’s hard to believe that second session has started!  Where has the summer gone?