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Peace, Love, and Micah

Posted by on July 12, 2017

There has been SO much going on around camp for the past few days! Bear with us as we recap some of the excitement…

It was a little quieter around camp at the end of last week because we had a few different trips out. Our 12U boys went to Kamp Kohut to play baseball and our 16U boys went to Indian Acres to play in their annual soccer tournament. We also sent some of our most enthusiastic hikers into the woods for an overnight hiking and camping adventure with our stellar hiking staff.

The overnight hiking trip is something campers look forward to every summer. Campers enjoyed scenic views as they climbed Tumbledown Mountain in New Hampshire and then enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner. After spending a cozy night sleeping in a cabin, they shared a delicious pancake breakfast and then continued on their journey for a refreshing swim. The hikers came back to camp just in time for dinner with exciting tales to share with their bunkmates about their recent adventures.

Also this week, campers had the opportunity to meet with Rabbi Lipof in her cabin during Rest Hour. During this much needed down time, campers can sign up to visit the Rabbi with their bunks. Rabbi Lipof provides enriching conversation and, of course, yummy homemade treats.

Friday night, we were able to enjoy a beautiful Shabbat service sitting on our new chapel benches under the setting sun.  Rabbi Lipof told a captivating story about how problematic gossiping can be and related it to when a single frog croaking in a pond can sound like a hundred frogs.  Of course, campers left the service with a fun frog memento to serve as a reminder that: “one ribbit, two ribbits, three ribbits, four…..gossip is RIBBIT so ribbit no more!”

On Sunday after lunch, campers retreated back to their cabins for a little rest and relaxation with their bunks.  About 40 minutes into Rest Hour, campers were incredibly surprised to hear the blaring sound of 60’s music coming through their bunk speakers.  This was quickly followed by a booming voice asking all campers to meet on the baseball field for Micahstock 2017.  As campers ran from their bunks, fully decked in gold and blue, towards the baseball field, they were met by friendly protesters (our CITs) holding signs and chanting, “Make Color, Not War!”  The CITs pulled off an epic Color War break inspired by Woodstock.  After quickly voting for team captains, blue and gold teams competed in an intense battle of tug o’ war.  Team chants and cheers echoed through camp as our first session color war had officially commenced!

After a day and a half of heated competition (including the annual swim/track meets, scavenger hunt, and a new game called The Vinyl Countdown), it was announced that the BLUE team has the lead by the narrowest margin in Micah history. When second session Color War breaks, it’s anyone’s game!



Carnival Fun

Posted by on July 6, 2017

Our Independence Day fun continued today as we celebrated the 4th of July with a festive “5th of July” Carnival! The morning started out with late sleep, then back to the bunks after breakfast to tidy up and get ready for the day. Campers had two periods of unit activities in the morning. Some groups enjoyed free swim at the pool on this gorgeous sunny day, others started preparing and practicing for our upcoming annual 3v3 basketball tournament.

After our active morning, campers enjoyed lunch and rest hour as they awaited the much-anticipated “5th of July” Carnival! The Critters got to come out to the softball field earlier than the rest of camp to have some time on the inflatables before the older kids arrived. Music, games, food, and fun filled the afternoon. The new, giant water slide, creative additions to our lawn games and activities, as well as the picture perfect weather made this year’s carnival one to remember!

Tomorrow, we’ll resume regular activities and celebrate yet another holiday around here…Tie-Dye Thursday! Until then – Goodnight Bridgton and Sebago!


Happy 4th of July!

Posted by on July 5, 2017

Today, Mark woke up the entire camp by blasting a patriotic song through the bunk speakers in order to set the mood for today’s festivities.  Campers then headed to flag decked in their Fourth of July finest ready to celebrate America’s birthday. The excitement in the air was palpable! 

In addition to enjoying lots of fun in the sun at our regularly scheduled activities, Micah also achieved their first intercamp home victory of the summer.  Our 11U boys beat Bridgton Sports Camp in a heated game of flag football with a 36-26 win.  Not to be outdone, our 13U boys won their basketball intercamp against Wigwam with a final score of 40-34.  GO MICAH!    

We continued to celebrate America’s birthday with our annual 4th of July Hoe-Down themed dinner. Mark met us at flag lowering fully decked in a cowboy suit as campers gathered together on the front lawn.  Looking through the sea of red, white, and blue you could spot several western themed costumes and one camper arriving to flag in style…on a horse!  Everyone feasted on a deliciously MESSY meal of ribs, fried chicken, cornbread, and broccoli.  An impromptu line dance broke out right before our red, white, and blue dessert was placed at the tables.  It was a festive and fun night filled with lots of laughs and smiles. 

Evening activities included scavenger hunts, Spikeball competitions, and a Timber pageant where campers dressed their counselors in 4th of July themed ball gowns.  Throughout this pageant, counselors shared choreographed dances created by their bunks and wowed us with a wide array of talents.  One bunk’s talent was re-imagining this famous poem….can you guess where it is from?

“Give me your blue, your gold, your maroon…yearning for canteen…the wretched refuse of your dining hall…send these, the Critters, Prowlers, Summits, and Mostly Timbers…I lift my lamp beside the Micah Door!

It was a wonderful day that will continue into tomorrow as we gear up for our BIG 4th of July carnival that we will celebrate on the 5th

Our First Micah Monday!

Posted by on July 4, 2017

Today was a busy day at Camp Micah! The Summit boys played the inaugural game of their Summit Mens’ Softball League that we started this summer. They have already named their teams and planned their end-of-season Slushie party. During a particularly silly Timber Girls’ Basketball period, some of our Timber Girls got basketballs stuck in the hoop. Actually, they got nine basketballs stuck in one hoop- definitely a Micah first. Aside from our regularly scheduled activities, we went on a hike, played other camps in Kickball and in Soccer, and took a trip to the local senior center. Our hike left after breakfast and set out for the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Shortly after, the 12U boys left for Camp Wigwam’s kickball tournament where we came in second out of eight teams! On our own soccer field, we played Wigwam in a heated game, in which we also came in second. While the Micah boys were playing sports, some “

Our hike left after breakfast and set out for the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Shortly after, the 12U boys left for Camp Wigwam’s kickball tournament where we came in second out of eight teams! On our own soccer field, we played Wigwam in a heated game with 15U boys, in which we also came in second. While the Micah boys were playing sports, some “mensch-y” Timber Girls went to the Senior Center to play games and interact with the residents. The girls all loved doing a mitzvah during their rest hour, and even decided that they wanted to go again this summer! After a long day of activities, hiking, sports, and community service, the Micah campers are gearing up for a fun-filled Fourth of July celebration tomorrow and Wednesday. Stay tuned for pictures of our 4th of July Hoedown Theme Dinner tomorrow and our “4th” of July Carnival on Wednesday!


Here Comes the Sun…Finally!

Posted by on July 3, 2017

All of camp woke up to sunny skies and beautiful weather just in time to start another fun-filled day of scheduled activities!  Our CITs set out early this morning for an overnight trip and some time away from camp.  They will spend the next couple of days team building, bonding, and working on their leadership and communication skills.

Walking around camp after the start of first period, one could witness campers practicing their form at volleyball, working on balancing techniques at the Ninja Warrior Course, discussing the composition of musical scores using Legos in the Music Shed, and cheering on some of their bunkmates during our 12U Girls Soccer Intercamp against Mataponi.  Although we were not victorious, the final score was 2-1 with lots of impressive shots on goal and many close calls. Everywhere you looked today, campers were smiling, engaged, and having fun!

This evening after dinner, campers were excited to hear about the fun activities their Unit Leaders had in store for them.  Some kids made green slime, others played Scatterball, and there was even a “Night at the Races” (fully equipped with inflatable hobby horses, of course!).

Now everyone is cozy in their beds dreaming about what fun tomorrow has in store. Goodnight Bridgton and Sebago!