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A Busy Few Days

Posted by on July 25, 2017

It has been an incredible final few days of first session here at Camp Micah. On Friday night, we celebrated the final Shabbat of first session. It is always a bittersweet event, knowing we will say goodbye to so many friends in just two short days. In keeping with Micah tradition, the Dining Hall was decked out in blue and gold and campers wore their Friday night best. Many awards were given for All-Around Campers in each unit, as well as the Kavod Award. Congratulations to all recipients!

Saturday was filled with Visiting Day preparations, packing, and the camp performance of Seussical the Musical. We were all so impressed with the amazing talent on the stage this summer! We wrapped up our final day of first session with our weekly cookout, campfire, and havdallah as we said goodbye to our first session friends.

On Sunday, we welcomed parents and relatives of our first and full session campers to Camp Micah for Visiting Day 2017.  The picture perfect weather enabled families to take full advantage of all Camp Micah has to offer. We were thrilled to see several families enjoying the wonderful adaptation of Seussical The Musical at Uncle Milts, kayaking across Peabody Pond at the waterfront, and taking on the Micah Ninja Warrior Course hoping to reach the top of the warped wall.  Everyone who joined us on Visiting Day was incredibly impressed by the amazing lunch and drool-worthy table of fresh fruit and desserts our kitchen staff prepared for us! It was so touching to see the reaction on the faces of our campers and their parents as they were reunited for the first time in almost four weeks. After our final goodbyes and filling dinner, campers settled in for the night at the annual Micah Movieplex with some freshly popped popcorn.

Second Session Changeover Day started off with a late wake-up and breakfast followed by our Micah Book of Records.  This unique tradition for full session campers is a day for breaking or setting unique records around camp. It was both inspiring and humorous to witness some of the ideas our campers came up with. One Prowler girl managed to put on over 40 t-shirts, one on top of the other. The office was serenaded by the sweet sounds of a camper playing his brass instrument for nearly an hour. Three Summit girls continuously spun fidget spinners for…way too long.

Today we welcomed all of our second session campers to Micah.  After hopping off the buses, new campers were welcomed into the Dining Hall amidst thunderous cheering, chanting, and clapping and quickly brought over to meet their new bunkmates. After initial introductions, everyone went back to their bunks to get to know each other a little better. The entire Micah community reconvened to enjoy dinner together followed by clever musical introductions made by our Unit and Team Leaders, as well as, our upper administration. On Tuesday and Wednesday, campers will go around by bunks to get the lay of the land and a firsthand look at all the exciting opportunities Micah has to offer before finalizing their new activity schedules.

Until then, campers are cozied up in their bunks tonight and ready to drift off to sleep.

Sweet dreams from Bridgton and Sebago!

Micah In Israel: Back in Jerusalem!

Posted by on July 24, 2017

Hello Camp Micah!

We’ve had an eventful few days since our last update. The campers concluded their army day experience early on Thursday morning. We met them as they were finishing up the famous “stretcher march”, a long hike where they have to switch off carrying a heavy stretcher designed to feel like a wounded soldier. The commanders were thrilled with the level of discipline, support, and teamwork showed by both groups. We felt like proud parents watching our campers “graduate” army day during the closing ceremony. The rest of the day was filled with much needed rest (and pool time!)

On Friday we visited one of the most scenic areas of the trip, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. We learned about the rich religious history of the site and enjoyed the views. We then had a special lunch visit from a local member of the Druze community. He shared with us the history of his religion and gave us insight on how it is relevant today. After our visit in Haifa, we said a temporary goodbye to eight members of our group as they set off to spend the weekend with family and friends. As for the rest of the group, they also got to spend time with local Israelis. In small groups they had the chance to have meals at the family homes of people living in the area of Zichron. Everyone got to enjoy a home cooked meal, and the opportunity to experience family life in Israel.

The eight members that left were welcomed with open arms on Sunday morning! We headed North to the beach where we would stay for the night. The Mediterranean was just as wonderful as we left it a few short weeks before. The beach campground was a perfect spot to have our very own “campfire” complete with skits and songs by the group. The group arose early this morning ready to explore the nearby historic caves of Rosh Hanikra. After a majestic tour through the caves, we headed south. Our first stop was at Leket, a volunteer organization designed to provide food for those who can’t afford it. The group spent a good portion of the afternoon pealing cabbages. At the end of the day we learned that we provided food for approximately 2,000 families! From there we headed to our final destination, Jerusalem. It feels great to be back where it all began, and we’re excited for what the next week has in store.


Army day has come and gone

The stretcher march began at dawn

We rested and swam, then headed to the port

The visit to Haifa was fun, yet short

We met some people, they were called Druze

Then came Shabbat, for all of us Jews

Some people left and some people stayed

But everyone had good memories made

We went to the beach and slept under the stars

The caves had a lot of water, unlike Mars

We peeled so many cabbages, it was insane!

We’re back in Jerusalem, but soon to be Maine



Sarah and Mike

Micah in Israel: Time for Army Day!

Posted by on July 19, 2017

Hello Camp Micah!

We are out of the desert and off to Army day! It has been an exciting week filled with fun and challenging times for the group. The Negev Adventure began with a sunset hike to our campsite. After settling in we enjoyed dinner and sat around the fire playing games and singing songs. The next day we rose early and began hiking. The hike was tough for some, and showed how incredibly supportive our Micah campers are to each other. It was an amazing sight to see. After swimming in a serene desert spring, we spent some much needed time inside (and got there by Safari truck!) As the kids have said “The Negev wasn’t bad, it was just complicated!” The group was definitely happy to be back living the hotel life in Kibbutz Ketura. We got to learn about the history of the Kibbutz movement, celebrate shabbat with the members, and even have an evening pool party! We spent a day in Eilat, where it reached an incredible 111 degrees! In one of the best days yet, we went snorkeling in the Red Sea, spent time at a rock climbing gym/ adventure park, and went to a shopping mall with an ice skating rink! We departed Ketura and headed north to another Kibbutz, Maayan Harod. We spent the morning at the ancient port city of Caesarea learning about archaeology and the diverse history of the region. The group then started to prepare for the much anticipated army day! As we write to you they are being led by commanders on a challenging, exciting journey designed to put them in the shoes of an IDF soldier. We miss them already and can’t wait to hear about it!


We made it out of the desert, which was sandy and dry

We’re starting to realize time is flying by

Hiking, swimming, and a safari ride too

The scenery was great and the sky was bright blue

After the desert, we headed to the Kibbutz

The kids took much needed showers, to remove all the schmutz

We sang, we danced, and enjoyed our Shabbat

The next day we snorkeled, climbed and had fun in Eilat

We had a long drive heading up to the North

We hiked in an oasis, and kept marching forth

We explored Caesarea, the rich Roman bay

Now that they’ve rested, it’s time for Army day


Sarah and Mike

Exciting Trips and Plunging Dips

Posted by on July 19, 2017

The Lower Summits headed out of camp after breakfast this morning to embark on their own exciting white water rafting trip. In their absence, our Timbers jumped at the opportunity to sit at the empty Summit tables during meals and assume the leadership position over camp (at least for the next couple of days!)

The rest of today seemed to “zip” by in a flash as several campers got the opportunity to brave our Aqua Zip Line down by the waterfront.  This challenge requires campers to hook into a belay system and then climb a tree.  After reaching the top and getting clipped onto the line, campers jump off the edge of the platform and zip across Peabody Pond before splash landing into the water.  Their squeals of delight are infectious!

Our Fiber Arts program is gearing up for their annual trip to visit a nearby Alpaca Farm where they will see first-hand where the fibers they have been using to create art come from.  During this visit, they will witness wool being sheered, get to know the animals a little bit better, and deepen their understanding of the materials used in Fiber Arts.

This afternoon, our 13U boys baseball inter-camp vs. wigwam took place.   It was a heated game and Micah came back from behind in the final inning to win the game with a 10-9 victory.  GO MICAH!

Tomorrow morning, our Critters, Prowlers, and Timbers will embark on their own day trips to local attractions. As our Summits return from their overnight adventures tomorrow night, we look forward to all being back at camp together.

Goodnight Bridgton and Sebago!

Shabbat, Seeds, and Summits

Posted by on July 17, 2017

We had a busy weekend at Camp Micah! On Friday, we hosted our annual 3v3 Basketball tournament. For everyone who doesn’t know about the 3v3 tournament, we play four games at the same time on our two basketball courts (one half court per game), the games only go up to 11 points, and we have 4 different divisions. Our 12U girls, 12U boys, 15U girls, and 15U boys play games against other camps’ teams of the same division. We fought hard in all divisions, but we succeeded in one division over all others. Our 15U girls, led by Courtney, Heather, Skylar, and Kendall, pulled through with an impressive victory over the other four camps in their division. They even won a few of the games 11-0! As always, we were very proud of our Micah girls on Friday!

After our big win on Friday afternoon, we all settled in for Shabbat. Our chef prepared a delicious brisket dinner, and the rabbi told another poignant story to emphasize the importance of courage, both at camp and outside of camp. The “slogan” of the story was “it’s not a wall, it’s just a hurdle.” Of course, everyone got a small ladder toy to remind them that anything is possible with hard work, persistence, and resilience.

In honor of Mark’s (belated) birthday, we participated in a day of mitzvot. Campers participated in several special projects all around camp. Some of the projects included: making blankets for Project Linus, making dog biscuits and toys for a local animal shelter, baking cookies for a homeless shelter, and making puzzles and cards for ill children in a local hospital. This day has become an annual tradition as camp’s birthday present to Mark and to the greater Bridgton area.

Last but not least, today (Sunday) we sent our Upper Summits to a nearby camp called Seeds of Peace. Seeds of Peace is a camp that develops international leaders who come from areas of conflict. The camp fosters cultural discussion and has children of similar lines of conflict (for example, Israelis and Arabs) live together, work together, and discuss key issues. Our Micah campers got to socialize with them, and play both soccer and basketball on their Sports Day. They each came away with some new songs and cheers, a brand new Seeds of Peace t-shirt, and a once in a lifetime experience.

As everyone returned from their time away from camp, we gathered together in the Dining Hall for a delicious lasagna dinner. As a surprise for a B15 camper who reached an amazing milestone of hiking 400 miles over his career at camp, Ken Wadness (Hiking Team Leader) presented Jeremy with a watch and a giant mountain shaped cake. The Dining Hall erupted in cheers of “400 miles” and “we love Jeremy.”