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First Day in Israel

Posted by on June 27, 2014

After arriving at 2:40 A.M. in Tel Aviv, we took a bus to Jerusalem where some of us even stayed up to see the sun rise. We had a great first day in Jerusalemhaving our first shawarma and a relaxing time in the sun before Shabbat. We went into the old city for Shabbat where we had our own little Micah in Israel Shabbat service. We really enjoyed the service as a small group where everyone participated bringing the Camp Micah style of Shabbat to the streets of Jerusalem. We continued on going to the Western Wall which was a very powerful experience. It was a perfect culmination after our trip inPolandas a symbol of hope and perseverance for us as Jews. Being at the Wall helped us appreciate being inIsraeland set the tone for the rest of our trip. After visiting the Wall, we had an incredible Shabbat dinner which not even the great kitchen of Camp Micah could live up to. To end the night, one of our trip leaders from Israel, Tziporah, introduced us to some fun new games as we got to know her and our other amazing Israeli trip leader, Netanel. After being in Israel for less than twenty-four hours, we could not be more excited for our upcoming adventure!

– Hayley Cooper and Izzy Shnayderman

First Update From Poland!

Posted by on June 24, 2014

Hello Camp Micah Friends and Family,

After a somewhat restful sleep last night, we hit the ground running this morning with an hour and a half drive to Auschwitz and Birkenau. It was clear that everyone felt the whole impact of the Holocaust, and the damage it truly caused to both the people who were forced to face this, and to the surroundings of the community. All of the displays and exhibits were powerful, especially the hair and shoes of the victims, and preserved drawings by children who were forced to skip their childhood.

After the camps, feeling both more in touch with our Jewish heritage and background, we went to meet with the director of the Krakow JCC who told us about bringing back Judaism in the community. He told us about the growing amount of people who were realizing their Jewish history that their ancestors previously hid out of embarrassment.

We later met with a woman who received the “Righteous Among the Nation” award from the Israeli government. She shared a different point of view of the events during the Holocaust and shared how it was to live as a young polish girl hiding a Jew, risking her life. Everyone asked many questions and were very interested.

Ending the day on a more whimsical note, we all tried some local Polish sandwiches which were about 32 cm. It was very entertaining and a lot of tide sticks were put to use. The kids next had a great search for ice cream and odd interactions with homeless people. While on the bus, I (Matt) have started a selfie-challenge, meaning that I will take a selfie with everyone who falls asleep on the bus. It has been a successful day, tackling 8 selfies, 2 of which were our group leaders, Michelle and Seidy.

With much love (and 24 selfies left),

Matt Grosswald and Becca Gorman

Water and Sun in the North

Posted by on July 23, 2013

These past two days have been absolutely incredible. After hiking in the upper Galilee yesterday, we arrived at a beautiful waterfall and natural pool. We swam in the pool, under the waterfall, and even jumped from rocks through the falls. Today, we went on a relaxing water hike and swam in a clear, blue river. Everyone was jumping and splashing around in good spirits.

Our visit of an IDF base on the Lebanon border yesterday was super interesting and exciting. We learned about the soldiers’ jobs on the border, and got to meet and hang out with two different platoons. Today, we had the choice of either rappelling or zip lining down a huge cliff- it was thrilling and beautiful. Tonight we tapped into our creative sides and carved our very own mezuzahs out of wood. The North is treating us well! Everyone is having such a great time and soaking up the last week or so of our Israel experience. Tomorrow, we head to a chocolate factory to make some delicious treats and get to swim again in a natural pool. We are loving it.


Micah in Israel

The Negev Adventure

Posted by on July 5, 2013

Shabbat Shalom, Camp Micah!

We are all currently clean and happy sitting in our air conditioned rooms at Kibbutz Ketura, after a challenging and incredible three days in the desert. These past few days we got to experience the heat, dirt, and intense bonding that the Negev offers. We hiked up huge cliffs, slept under the bright, starlit sky, and swam in a hidden oasis. We are so happy to have successfully completed the desert challenge and are about to celebrate Shabbat here in the beautiful kibbutz in the south of Israel. We hope you are all staying cool back in Maine!


Micah in Israel

Shabbat in Israel

Posted by on June 30, 2013
Hope you all had a good sabbath! On Friday night, it was our first Shabbat in Israel. we spent the beginning of the evening at the western wall, having our own Micah service. while we missed Shari and her services, it was very exciting to experience something new. on Saturday, we played a series of group games, having fun and getting to know one another better. for the remainder of the day, we hung out at the pool and then had havdallah services. After services, we went to Ben yehudah and got a feel for Israeli night life! on Sunday, we got to explore the old city of David and got to trek through Hezekiah's tunnels, which were 3000 year old tunnels filled with spring water. We spent the night at the Kotel and got to write notes to put in the wall. So far the trip has been great, and were all so happy to have this experience together. we look forward to exploring the old city more and floating in the Dead Sea on Tuesday! hope everyone is enjoying camp!! 
Emily and Liz