Our schedule offers campers the opportunity to choose their activities within a structured format. Although each camper has a certain amount of choice, the scheduling system is designed to require a well-rounded day filled with water activities, sports, the arts and more.

Campers are able to rank their activity preference on-line before camp begins. They then have the opportunity to modify their personalized schedules upon arrival at camp.

Throughout the session campers can also participate in many inter-camp competitions in almost all of our sporting activities. These include tournaments held at Micah or other surrounding camps.


Team Sports

  • girls-volleyball
  • girls-volleyball-instruction
  • teen-boy-soccer
  • young-girls-soccer
  • boy-baseball-hitting
  • boy-basketball
  • boys-baseball
  • boys-hockey
  • boys-hockey-slapshot
  • girls-soccer
  • Softball

Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Kickball

Individual Sports

  • girl-gymnastics
  • girls-fencing
  • girl-tennis
  • girl-tumbling
  • boy-archery
  • boy-tennis
  • boy-tennis-02
  • fencing
  • girl-archery
  • girl-balance-beam

Archery, Tennis, Ninja Warrior, Fencing, Frolf, Wrestling, Gymnastics

Micah Extreme

  • girl-skateboarding
  • boy-biking
  • boy-grinding
  • boy-skatboarding-02
  • boy-skateboarding
  • girl-half-pipe

Skate Park, BMX Bike Course, Mountain Biking & Boarding


  • boy-waterski-02
  • boy-waterski
  • boys-sailing
  • boys-paddle-board
  • boy-kayak
  • boy-diving-counselor
  • Girl-in-Swim-Lesson
  • teen-watertube
  • girl-waterski
  • girls-waterfront-jump
  • boy-watertubing

Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Wake Boarding, Wake Surfing, Tubing, Paddleboarding, Instructional Swim, Swim Team, Lifeguard Training, Free Swim


Micah Ninja Warrior Course


  • girl-ropes-course
  • girls-hiking
  • kayak-trip
  • boy-climbing-wall
  • boy-ropes-course
  • boys-building-tent
  • boys-climbing-wall
  • campfire
  • girl-climbing-wall
  • Boys-on-Hike
  • Boys-on-Summit-of-Mountain
  • Group-at-Mt-Washington-Summit

Hiking/Backpacking, Nature Studies/Survival Skills, Gardening, Canoe Trips, White Water Rafting Trips, Outdoor Skills, Ropes Course

The Arts

  • girls-dance
  • girl-woodmaking
  • guitar-instruction
  • music-dining-hall
  • theatre-cast
  • theatre-cast-02
  • boy-clay
  • boy-guitar
  • counselor-girl-art
  • girl-dance
  • girl-jewelry
  • girl-painting

Creative Arts: Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Jewelry, Basketry, Batik, Weaving, Knitting, Macramé, Candle Making, Studio Art, Tie-Dye, Painting, Wood Working, Fabric Arts, Sketching, Leather Work, Metal/Plaster Casting

Performing Arts: Producing, Directing, Play Performance, Stage Management, Skits, Scenery Design, Improv, Musicals, Stage Lighting, Musical Instrument Lessons (percussion, guitar, piano, woodwinds, strings, brass), Music Theory, Voice Training, Dance (ballet, jazz , modern, folk, tap, hip-hop, swing)

Special Events


  • Fireworks-Color-War
  • fourth-of-july
  • amusement-park-ride
  • hypnotist
  • Helicopter-Color-War
  • Tug-of-War
  • girls-buzz-lightyear
  • girls-crayons
  • girls-nemo-hats

All-Camp Activities, Inter-Camp Competitions, Overnight Trips, Evening Activities/Dances, Social Action Opportunities, Color War, Trips



  • photography-girls
  • photography-girls-02
  • Video-Class-Green-Screen-2
  • Boy-with-Camera

Digital Photography and Editing, Digital Video and Editing