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Mark’s Rockin’ 52nd Birthday

Posted by on July 12, 2016

When your camp director turns 52, there is only one way to celebrate: Rocking out in Uncle Milt’s! This year, Rock Star Camp joined us to help make Mark’s birthday an even more special day. Each grade level on both sides of camp picked a favorite song, and Rock Star Camp helped to transform these songs into real, live, rock performances. We had an awesome time and the pictures from this event are amazing! We also had a “Ready to Rock” theme dinner for the birthday boy, and camper and staff costumes were on point.

In other news, Camp Micah hosted its annual swim meet this morning, with 5 local camps joining us to compete. Micah reigned victorious in the girls meet! We also sent our oldest campers to Nashoba North for their annual 15U soccer tournament for both boys and girls. Congratulations to all Micah participants on a job well done!

Tomorrow, we send off our Summits for their annual big trips. We can’t wait to see pictures and hear stories from their adventures! Goodnight from downtown Bridgton and Sebago!


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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Posted by on July 11, 2016

Today we woke up to a soggy Sunday morning, but that didn’t stop us from having fun, fun, fun!  Rainy day activities took place in several indoor locations and included Happily Ever After (a skit creation competition), Lego Challenge, Parody Party, Bingo, Sing Down, and more! Those campers participating in the play even got some extra time to rehearse as a whole cast.  Be sure to come see Camp Micah’s rendition of The Little Mermaid on Visiting Day…we hear it’s going to be fin-tastic!  The weather also made it a great day for campers to finish up some exciting projects that they have been working on throughout first session, including handmade jewelry in Metalsmithing, silk screening t-shirts in Fiber Arts, and finishing up bunk plaques.

In the afternoon, campers went wild with excitement during lunch as Shari announced that bunks would be participating in the much anticipated game of CRIBS for their afternoon activity.  This year’s theme was “COLOR WAR BREAKS YOU HOPE TO SEE HAPPEN ONE DAY.”  Campers were thrilled to share their creative bunk transformations to fit this theme.  We saw a wide variety of ideas and the Color War Committee took copious notes. The big reveal for the winner of CRIBS will happen at the end of first session.

Campers finished out this rainy Sunday with unit activities and will go to bed tonight with visions of sunny days dancing in their heads. Tomorrow is a big day, as we will be hosting our annual Swim Meet for neighboring camps and celebrating Mark’s birthday in style (a day early!), so stay tuned for a full rundown of the exciting events tomorrow night!


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Mark’s Mitzvah Morning

Posted by on July 10, 2016

It’s been a memorable and mitzvah-filled Shabbat here at Micah. Last night, we gathered in the outdoor chapel for our weekly Erev Shabbat service. We sang, we danced, and we reflected on the past week. Rabbi Lipof taught us a valuable lesson of letting go of the past and forgiving those around us.

On Saturday, we took part in our annual Mark’s Mitzvah Morning. In honor of his upcoming birthday, the entire camp participated in mitzvah projects to better the community. Together, we baked 600 cookies for a local soup kitchen and the Bridgton Police and Fire Departments. Campers made beautiful custom puzzles and cards for sick children at the Bridgton Hospital. We made dog biscuits for a local animal shelter, soup jars and coloring books to donate, and more. Mark was honored to have so much good done for the world in his honor. We’re all looking forward to celebrating his birthday throughout the coming week!

This afternoon, campers were entertained by their peers at our much anticipated Talent Show! We had to pick our chins up off the floor as we were dazzled by surprise talents! As the day came to a close with our weekly cookout and campfire (although wet this week), it’s hard to believe that just a week from tonight, we’ll be saying goodnight to our first session friends for the last time this summer.


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First Session Color War

Posted by on July 8, 2016

Today we dove right into our second day of color war with gusto! Campers entered the dining hall to find it had been decorated overnight in a sea of blue and gold.  Throughout the day, campers participated in a wide array of mental and physical challenges.  Critters enjoyed a game entitled “Capture the Walad,” which was a fun take on capture the flag replacing flags with cups of freshly cut watermelon…YUM!  Prowlers worked on their communication skills by trying to solve riddles in order to figure out the secret code allowing them to unlock themselves from the tennis court.  Timbers enjoyed an intense game of ultimate charades while the Summits competed in an epic soccer battle.  Lunchtime erupted with team cheers and color war continued with an afternoon filled with more athletic competitions and the much anticipated annual Scavenger Hunt.  After a final tally, GOLD is in the lead, but both teams showed great sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication skills throughout our first session color war.  A big congratulations to our fantastic Summit captains and co-captains. They led their teams beautifully! We were so proud of our Micah community. All of the points earned during our first session Color War roll over into second session where we’ll pick up right where we left off. Now we are off to catch up on some much needed rest.  Zzzzzzzzz



Color War is Here!

Posted by on July 7, 2016

Camp was abuzz this morning in anticipation of our annual “4th” of July Carnival! As campers made their way to the softball field this morning, they were excited to see giant water slides, inflatables, a dunk tank, a mechanical bull, crafts, activities, special carnival snacks, and more! Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating our country’s birthday.

After rest hour, the camp gathered at the flagpoles for what they thought was the start of an all-camp activity called USA vs. The World: Micalympics. To (nearly) everyone’s surprise, it was instead an alien invasion taking place at Uncle Milt’s Performing Arts Center that drew everyone’s attention away from the Micalympics rules being explained. The camp rushed into the theater to see a “crashed” UFO on the stage and our CIT aliens engaged in an epic battle with the Color War Committee. The CITs declared that Color War had begun, blue and gold split up into teams, and off they went!

After the Summit Captains and Co-Captains had been chosen, the teams participated in the tug-o-war before dinner. The evening activity for tonight was a hilarious game of Family Feud where all ages got to participate by sending up contestants to attempt to guess the correct survey questions. Everyone had so much fun and is looking forward to tomorrow’s unit activities, events, and the annual Scavenger Hunt!

Good luck BLUE and GOLD!


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