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The first Scorcha!

Posted by on June 30, 2014

Well, today was the first Scorcha of the summer here in Southern Maine.  The temps climbed steadily all day and by mid-afternoon peaked in the mid to upper 80’s.  What’s great is that everyone loved all of the sun and the chance to enjoy the second day of activities.

After breakfast our first hike of the summer went out to hike East Royce Mountain.  There were 20 campers who went on the trip and they all had a blast.  You could see the smiles on their face from 100 yards away as the vans pulled back into camp.  They talked about the view, the flowers and most importantly the swim on the way home.

Tomorrow promises to be another great weather day and we can’t wait for it to get here.

Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat

Posted by on June 29, 2014

Last night and today we celebrated the first Shabbat with the campers here.  The evening started off with each area meeting at their designated spots and walking to flag together.  After a great dinner and rousing song session, we headed to the chapel for services.  It’s always such a special moment when we first gather and the sun begins to set.  After services, everyone headed up to the dining hall for Oneg and then headed to their cabin to call it a night.


This morning was a late wake-up followed by a buffet breakfast (YUM).  After breakfast , campers and staff headed to their respected activities which included, Services, Tikkunamatata , and the a Bald Pate hike.  During Tikkunamatata (which focuses on Social Action), campers were assigned to various groups such as Current events in Israel, Animals, and Jewish Identity among many others.  Below is a song that one of the groups from Jewish Identity wrote:


One day a couple of Jews wanted to make a song and….

They did.


Introducing the one, the only, the neighborhood Jews.


Shabbat is here!

I’m Jewish!

I’m Jewish and I know it and I’m not afraid to show it

The Jews always think outside the box

We go to synagogue

Where we pray to God

And wear Kippah


We’re Jewish

We eat a lot of challah

And we do Havdallah

We light those candles with sway

We’re Jewish


Bagels, lox and creamcheese

That’s our favorite food we eat it

Every Saturday and capers come on too


We’re Jewish



Here is a piece from our Natural Art program:


Dear Shari and Camp Micah,

Today we learned:

Not to pollute

How to make things out of nature

Its hard to make things without staples, glue and tape

To conserve our natural resources

Some places don’t have the same utilities we do

Love, All natural art


After lunch and rest hour the campers participated in an all-camp capture the flag followed by some free choice by Unit activities.


Dinner tonight was a cookout and now everyone has gathered for the first campfire of the summer.  It is so hard to believe that the first week is in the books.  Bring on week 2!

First Day in Israel

Posted by on June 27, 2014

After arriving at 2:40 A.M. in Tel Aviv, we took a bus to Jerusalem where some of us even stayed up to see the sun rise. We had a great first day in Jerusalemhaving our first shawarma and a relaxing time in the sun before Shabbat. We went into the old city for Shabbat where we had our own little Micah in Israel Shabbat service. We really enjoyed the service as a small group where everyone participated bringing the Camp Micah style of Shabbat to the streets of Jerusalem. We continued on going to the Western Wall which was a very powerful experience. It was a perfect culmination after our trip inPolandas a symbol of hope and perseverance for us as Jews. Being at the Wall helped us appreciate being inIsraeland set the tone for the rest of our trip. After visiting the Wall, we had an incredible Shabbat dinner which not even the great kitchen of Camp Micah could live up to. To end the night, one of our trip leaders from Israel, Tziporah, introduced us to some fun new games as we got to know her and our other amazing Israeli trip leader, Netanel. After being in Israel for less than twenty-four hours, we could not be more excited for our upcoming adventure!

– Hayley Cooper and Izzy Shnayderman

Bunk day 2

Posted by on June 27, 2014

What started out as a bit of a gloomy day, turned into a beautiful one by mid- afternoon.  Today was the last day of campers going around by bunk and tomorrow will start regular schedules.  You can tell everyone is eager to begin doing all of the activities that they love, this includes campers and staff.

Tonight was a Unit night and our Unit Leaders came up with some great activities for all ages.  The Critter Girl’s did team building activities and icebreakers on our low ropes course while the Critter Boy’s played a rousing game of ultimate gaga.  The Prowlers did some creative icebreaker activities on the lower tennis courts.  The Timber Boy’s had a dodgeball bonanza on the soccer field while the Timber Girl’s participated in some ice-breaking steal the turkey bacon.  Finally, the Summits enjoyed a Micah game night in the dining hall.  Tonight was also the first chance our CIT’s had to assist our staff at these activities and they did a great job.

Tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and mild temps.  We are so excited that we will be sharing our first Shabbat tomorrow evening with the Camp Micah family.

Day 1 of Activities

Posted by on June 26, 2014

Well, today was the first day of activities.  After Marks’s  rousing wake-up call of Happy and a delicious breakfast of Challah French Toast, campers went around with their bunks to various activities to experience all that camp has to offer.  Some of the highlights included the waterfront, tennis, soccer, art, play auditions, music, and a wide variety of other offerings.  You could tell everyone was having a blast and really enjoying their first full day at Camp Micah.

In addition to seeing all that camp has to offer campers had the opportunity to come into the office and begin changing their schedules for the summer.  It’s so funny to see them have to decide between two activities they really want to do…it always helps when we point out that they can do the activity at another time.

Tonight is an all area night where our campers find out who, for the boys find out who their big brothers are and the girls find out who their camp families are.  It is always one of the most special night of the year and several months of anticipation.

Another big announcement occurred today when our drama staff announced the first session play.  Wait for it….FROZEN!!!  You should have heard the roar in the dining hall as that one word was leaving their lips.  From what I heard, auditions were packed and we have some really talented campers.

Tomorrow is another day by bunk and hopefully the rain will subside.