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First day of Schedules

Posted by on July 26, 2013

It’s always an amazing day at Camp when regular schedules begin and today was that today.  Campers awoke to find their schedules in their mailboxes and you could hear the chatter abound as they talked about what activity they each had.  Some were excited for Archery and some were excited for drama but almost everyone was excited to do some Tie-dying with Schnetty (a former chef at Micah turned school teacher).  Campers were amazed to learn the process and to see their end results – which were amazing!

This afternoon our U 12 baseball team hosted an inter-camp.  It was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon out in the sun watching our Nations pastime.  Though our guys did not win, they were excited to get the practice in for tomorrows baseball tournament.

Tonight we had a theater company perform Nicholas Nichelby and the camp loved it.  This group also hosted several drama workshops for the campers.

First full day of second session

Posted by on July 24, 2013

Well, today was supposed to be the first full day of activities but Mother Nature put a kink in that plan.  Instead, we had a late wake-up due to the torrential rain that was pounding camp.  After a breakfast of French toast and fresh blueberries (and some rumored lox) we decided to do a bunk morning of special activities that included: A dance party, games in the dining hall, fitness, mini dodge ball, and some bunk time for the older campers.

With the rain still present in the afternoon we brought back an old Micah favorite….Micah Cribs!  Micah Cribs is when cabins decorate their bunk based on a given theme.  This years theme was Movies.  Some of the stand outs included, Annie, Inception, Finding Nemo, and Indiana Jones.  One of my favorites was G-14’s re-enactment of Shutter Island.  In the blink of an eye G-14 was transformed into an Insane Asylum that may give me nightmares tonight.  There is also a group of them standing with me as I write the daily blog and they just cheered.  They also say hi to their parents. Don’t worry; we did not let them watch that movie here.

Tonight was an all-area night where both sides got to meet their camp families.  The ladies played a rousing game of bring me while the guys played some ultimate Frisbee in outrageous outfits.  After looking at the weather for tomorrow it looks like we will be able to start running activities as scheduled.

Until tomorrow this is Steve and G-14 wishing you a pleasant night!

Water and Sun in the North

Posted by on July 23, 2013

These past two days have been absolutely incredible. After hiking in the upper Galilee yesterday, we arrived at a beautiful waterfall and natural pool. We swam in the pool, under the waterfall, and even jumped from rocks through the falls. Today, we went on a relaxing water hike and swam in a clear, blue river. Everyone was jumping and splashing around in good spirits.

Our visit of an IDF base on the Lebanon border yesterday was super interesting and exciting. We learned about the soldiers’ jobs on the border, and got to meet and hang out with two different platoons. Today, we had the choice of either rappelling or zip lining down a huge cliff- it was thrilling and beautiful. Tonight we tapped into our creative sides and carved our very own mezuzahs out of wood. The North is treating us well! Everyone is having such a great time and soaking up the last week or so of our Israel experience. Tomorrow, we head to a chocolate factory to make some delicious treats and get to swim again in a natural pool. We are loving it.


Micah in Israel

Visiting Day!

Posted by on July 22, 2013

When I say today was a great day, I really mean it!  Not only did the heat wave break (as we enjoyed a humidity free day of 75 degrees) but it was visiting day!  Parents, siblings, grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins from around the country (and world) descended on Bridgton and Sebago to see their little ones who have been away from home for a month.  Starting a little past eight, cars began to line Moose Cove Lodge Rd. in eager anticipation.  It was so much fun walking down the line and speaking with so many wonderful Micah Families, each more excited than the next!

At 9am the gates opened and you could hear the screams from the campers as they saw their parents faces.  Hugs, tears, laughs, and “your hair is so long” echoed all the way up Bald Pate Mountain.  After the campers introduced their parents to their counselors we all gathered in the chapel to begin the day.  Mark spoke, made introductions, and then we were treated to a few special guests.  First, Scot Tatelman (Jodi’s brother), talked about his company, STATE Bags, and their give back pack program (more information on this will come in a special Social Action Blog later this week, in the mean time you can visit, for more information), next we were treated to a special edition of the Micah Update, followed by the singing of the Camp Alma Mater.

After the meeting, there was a performance of Aladdin which was as amazing as the first.  We also had activities open, social action booths, and an amazing lunch!  It was such a great day and we were so excited so many of you chose to join us for it.  Now, we have to get ready for Second Session which starts tomorrow!  We cannot wait to see all of our second session campers tomorrow as they roll of the bus for another amazing summer at Micah!

Shabbat at Micah

Posted by on July 7, 2013

Shabbat Shalom!  What a great day at Camp today!  It all started with our buffet breakfast of eggs, turkey sausage, French toast, yogurt, bagels, cereal and fresh fruit!  Even though breakfast goes from 8:15 to 9:00, meaning campers have an option to sleep in, few see to do so.  After breakfast we headed to the chapel for morning announcements followed by our Tikkuna Matata programming.  Some of the highlights included services, a hike, making dog biscuits for the local animal shelter, making bird houses, leaning about Africa, and a program on bullying.

Following lunch we had our All Camp – THE GOLD HUNT! Campers were split into 5 teams and they had to try and find the counselors who were hidden with the gold while avoiding our bandits with water guns (B – 15).  This year, the Green team won, although it was a close, close game.

Tonight we enjoyed our traditional cook out of Burgers and dogs followed by Campfire and Havadallah.  Let’s hope we keep this amazing weather going for another awesome week at Camp Micah!